Our Process

Helping You Plan for Financial Success

Financial planning is a very subjective business. No firm does it the same way and no plan is the same for any one client. Very often the plans we create must change and adapt to unforeseen problems or events that occur in our clients lives and in the world. Our mission is to make sure that you have an individualized plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. In being data driven and results focused, we run numerous scenarios to optimize your plan from a distribution and tax efficiency perspective. Knowing that the world & our client’s lives are ever changing, what we have done is create a system so that we can control as much of the planning process as possible.

Step I:
Your Financial Planning Experience Begins

First you will schedule a meeting with one of our advisors by calling, scheduling an appointment online, or stopping by the office. You will be given a packet outlining the different aspects of our business as well as a checklist requesting pertinent financial information to be sent to our office prior to our first meeting.

Step II:
Preliminary Assessment

Prior to our first meeting we will input any collected data into our customizable financial planning software and run a general analysis of your current situation. This analysis allows us to bring our valuable insights to our first meeting. It also allows us to focus on you and what you’re looking for, instead of crunching numbers when we meet.

Step III:
Your First Meeting With Us

This is when we have an open and honest conversation about your needs, wants, wishes, and concerns. After coming to an understanding of your financial situation and personal needs and wants we then agree on what services will be provided. We will enter a financial planning agreement, and have you pay half your fee which is determined by the case complexity.

Step IV:
Preliminary Financial Plan Creation

Using our advanced software, creativity, networks, and experience, we will create a preliminary financial plan that is tailored to your needs. Being data-driven and results-focused means we run numerous scenarios and then back test them against each to find the recommendations that best fit your current goals and address your concerns.

Step V:
Present the Plan and Implement the Strategy

We then guide you through our proposal that has been specially tailored to fit your needs. We expect changes and adjustments to be made. We also expect multiple meetings to make sure all concerns are addressed, and all goals have a plan to meet them. Once you are fully satisfied with the design of your plan we will have you pay the remainder of the financial planning fee and move to implementation.

Step VI:
Continually Monitor and Revise your Plan as Needed

We understand that the market and world can be very volatile. We closely monitor each aspect of your plan and keep in constant contact with you. As changes occur in your life, we will be there with you to adapt the plan, give you options, and advise you on a direction to take. Whether it’s building out an in-law suite, adjusting to market corrections, paying for a child’s wedding, or planning for your long-term care needs, we will be there with our concierge service.

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